The Legendary UCLA Gymnastic Coach Valerie Kondos Field (“Miss Val”) – Part II


How did this dancer transform herself into one of the most successful gymnastics coaches ever?

I picked up Coach Wooden’s book, “They Call Me Coach”, and it didn’t seem like all this other coach talk I’d heard. It was complete with plenty of tough love, but honest love. Discipline and compassion. I was raised in the ballet world and there was a lot of discipline in my life.

“I was brought by a very typical Greek family, where a family was vital, so there was plenty of discipline with respect. And I think that the discipline, united with the love that came out of Coach’s words, struck home with me. It’s about instilling life’s lessons through the sport that we’re a part of.”

Miss Val is doing a two-hour television ballet special on NBC. 

When Miss Val isn’t encouraging young athletes to be the best they can be, she is utilizing other platforms to distribute her love for life and dance. Lately, she pitched her own kind of a contemporary nutcracker ballet to Warner Bros. NBC purchased the rights to air it as a two-hour television special. The date for the live ballet show has yet to be decided. 

in October 2018, she also published a book that explored how a professional ballerina became one of the winningest coaches in NCAA history. The novel is titled “Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance.”

The Greek American also stated her retirement last September as the head coach of the Bruins gymnastics team and she did leave at the end of the 2019 season with an incredible send-off by her team and UCLA. 

Although Miss Val will be truly missed, her legend will live on. She will continue to be an incredible inspiration, encouraging people to live passionately by not giving up and finding a way to re-experience your joy.

The Legendary UCLA Gymnastic Coach Valerie Kondos Field (“Miss Val”) – Part I

Miss Val leaves her legacy in the women she inspired to compete.

It’s way more than getting a perfect 10 or doing a sky-high double layout for the coach and choreographer of the UCLA Gymnastics team, Valorie Kondos Field. The Greek American has been the head coach of the Bruins for 28 years.

But she has also been an inspiration to young women to find again the joy of competing that they had when they started gymnastics as kids. She has made it imaginable for them to share their joy with the world on a very huge stage.

Over the past 28 years, she has formed one of the best gymnastics teams in the U.S. Most importantly, one which is always setting new standards for beautiful and complex routines. 

Becoming “Miss Val”

Valorie Kondos Field, also called “Miss Val”, grew up preparing to be a classical ballet dancer. Born into an artistic Greek American family, she breathed and lived dance. Valorie trained relentlessly and went on to perform as a professional ballerina with a number of ballet companies, such as the Washington, D.C. Ballet.

When UCLA needed a dance teacher for their gymnastics team, the 22-year-old professional dancer fit the bill impeccably. Also, coaching at UCLA gave her the opportunity to satisfy one of her personal goals. As she says on her website,, “My dream was to go to UCLA, so when they flew me out for the interview and offered me a full scholarship in lieu of a salary, I thought I had hit the jackpot.”

But the strong-minded young dancer would put her learned discipline and respect into her career as a coach to become a living legend. She has led the UCLA Women’s Gymnastics team to win seven NCAA Championships, many Pac-10 and Pac-12 Championships, and numerous individual champion titles and academic honors.

Also, Miss Val has picked up some special awards herself. She was voted the national and conference coach of the year four times. In 2010, she became the 2nd active coach ever to be inducted into the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame.

G.O.A.T. – Simone Biles: Why She is Like No Other (Part II)

Simone crushed her competition.

The rest of the gymnasts don’t fare much better against her. Biles won the all-around titles at the Rio Olympics and the 2018 world championships both by just two points. As her friend and teammate Aly Raisman, who finished in second at the 2016 Games, famously stated: “If you get silver, you’re the best since Simone doesn’t count.”

She has no weaknesses

If it is believed that Simone Biles has a weakness (and in all honesty she doesn’t), it would be on the uneven bars. She frequently talked about how much she struggled and disliked participating in the event, and she has not won an Olympic or world medal on the apparatus. However, she has made a substantial effort to get better at the event during her comeback after her post-Olympic break. Good grief: now she is a true medal threat in that event as well.

She’s a vocal leader

Not only is Biles the greatest of all time, but she also has a winning personality. Known for her funny quips, charming social media presence and for speaking up on things that matter to her, she is nobody to mess with outside the gym as well.

A survivor of sexual abuse from former team doctor Larry Nassar, she has been a true advocate for her fellow survivors, and even wore a teal leotard in solidarity during nationals in 2018. She has spoken up on many occasions due to not being pleased with the leadership of USA Gymnastics, and it has resulted in real change.

Simone Biles was the runaway champion due to the fact that she’s better not just than any American, but any person on the globe. Any way you break it down, Biles is the greatest female gymnast of all time.

G.O.A.T. – Simone Biles: Why She is Like No Other (Part I)

She holds four Olympic gold medals. 

It most likely goes without saying that she is the greatest gymnast of all time. The 22-year-old possesses more titles than there is space to post. If you are keeping count, Biles has in per possession four world all-around titles and four Olympic gold medals. She has earned more world medals (25 to be exact) than anyone in history.

So, as you can tell, she’s very, very good.

And after her amazing performance at the 2019 nationals qualifier, the U.S. Classic, it appears as if 2019 and the time going up to the 2020 Olympics, is beginning to be just like the other winning years that Biles is known to be famous for. Another way to put it is that it will be more of the same.

But what precisely makes Simone Biles so good? Here are a few of the many, many ways she is so amazingly special:

She keeps pushing the boundaries of the sport

Biles is famous for her gravity-defying floor routines. Even though her skills are leaps and bounds ahead of her competition, she still is constantly trying to bring new elements to her already tricky repertoire.

She’s virtually unbeatable

There are winning streaks in sports. Then there is the Simone Biles’ winning streak. She has earned 19 straight all-around titles, going on for six years. In a sport where the normal senior best career usually lasts no more than one Olympic cycle, Biles’ dominance is typically the gymnastics equivalent to what the Chicago Bulls did in the 1990s.  If Michael Jordan hadn’t left the team for a year and a half to play baseball.

And not only does Biles win, win, win, but she also towers above her competition and barely leaves her opponents even a chance to win gold.


The Advantages of Gymnastics

The Advantages of Gymnastics


Gymnastics deals many wonderful benefits to the athlete who is entailed. With several advantages that are just physical and also several others that are likewise psychological and developing, there are so many things that make gymnastics worth the moment and initiative that is required. From the first class until the very end of your career, you make certain to take pleasure in the benefits that acrobatics could provide to you.

Among the greatest advantages if the ability to gradually groom on your own right into superb physical form. As a result of the laborious nature of acrobatics, it is very important that gymnasts remain in the best physical form feasible. The all-natural movements of acrobatics functions to groom health and fitness levels slower to make sure that overall conditioning in addition to strength training is entirely possible without substantial issues.

In addition, acrobatics has actually been shown to considerably assist enhance confidence levels in youngsters particularly. While several children specifically women are fairly reluctant when they are more youthful, gymnastics helps them appear of their “covering” and also be an energetic part of the world and also link to good friends from all around the globe. Since acrobatics is a sporting activity that could get used to the skill level of each gymnast, it is amazingly easy to feel practically immediate senses of pride.

An additional major benefit to acrobatics is the have to create goals as well as a schedule for fulfilling those objectives. Professional athletes that cannot make goals normally do not prosper very promptly which leads to a significant loss.

Nevertheless, if you function quickly to produce some possible goals and also start proactively working towards the objectives then it is feasible to once more assist learn how you can develop and also follow your objectives in order to succeed.

Since gymnastics is so flexible in the opportunities that are provided it is a wonderful sport to use to discover how to make modifications to the goals as skills boost.

Gymnastics also has the capability to help instruct obligation. Each gymnast is eventually responsible for his or her own results. By presenting initiative and practicing steps and also methods repeatedly, it is possible to figure out merely how successful you are visiting be. This is not a sporting activity that places the success factor into the instructor. While a train is very important in discovering the skills essential, it is up to the specific gymnast to exercise the skills and also put them to good usage.

Something that numerous gymnasts really like is the capacity to be evaluated based upon their very own specific accomplishments as opposed to the achievements of those who are around them. Coaches deal with each specific athlete to identify the most effective strategy. Some could uncover that they should raise their stamina training while others concentrate more on flexibility training. Others could have greater trouble in mastering methods and techniques. Gymnastics are very adjustable for each and every individual person, that makes it really simple to gauge the specific success as well as the success of the specific compared against the team results.

Many gymnasts also delight in the capacity to travel with their colleagues whom become very friends to different areas. Lots of competitors and also meets are even kept in unique and also exciting places. This permits several gymnasts to see more locations than just what they initially ever before meant to see. While reduced degree gymnasts often remain closer to home, those that are in advancement, elite or even expert degrees have the ability to travel the country or even the world.

The final advantage is the capacity to actively take part in a highly rewarding sporting activity. Instead of counting on the capacity of all of your team members to be successful, you attain the results you prefer. This makes it a really gratifying sport for many people that appreciate being able to control their own growth as well as outcomes. If you want being accountable for your own advancement, development as well as potential after that acrobatics is the ultimate sport for your individual demands.