The Fundamentals of Speed Skating

The Fundamentals of Speed Skating

Speed skating has actually become a very popular winter months sporting activity, yet some critics claim it is just too dangerous for individuals to be taking part in. Many people appreciate seeing speed skating throughout the winter season Olympics and afterwards want to participate in the task by themselves without appropriate training. The rate of a person in this sort of sport could be greater than 30 miles per hr so when they drop or ram someone else it is fairly powerful.

In order to decrease the risk of injuries throughout speed skating, it is essential that safety equipment is put on at all times. This consists of a headgear that fits appropriately, knee pads, and also arm joint pads. It is advisable for this sport to occur on an ice rink that has actually been specifically made for it instead of out there on a frozen pond somewhere.

In professional speed skating, there are pairs of competitors on the ice. Each track has two streets as well as everyone in a set will certainly get a tinted band. This tells the judges which street they started at for the beginning of the competitors. The skaters need to transform streets at an offered location along the track to ensure both skaters are covering the exact same amount of distance.

There are various kinds of races that occur in the winter months sporting activity of speed skating. If a set of groups are competing versus each other they will specify at different places on the track. This prevents them from being in the means of each various other and also their times are tracked by the courts. For marathon speed skating races every person begins at the exact same place and also there is lots of bumping and also pushing as the skaters aim to prosper of each other.

However, speed skating does offer an excellent way for individuals to get right into shape and also to delight in the exercise they are participating in. It takes lots of method to build up sufficient stamina to successfully participate in this sport. The sort of skates you will certainly make use of for rate skating depend on the kind of occasions you are joining.

Long distance speed skating requires you to make use of clap skates. They are different from normal ice skates because they include a hinge on the boot that the blade is connected to. This allows the skater to move quicker and also to have more control over the skates because part of the blade is constantly touching the ice.

There are plenty of speed skating occasions that take place all over the world for you to join. Find a partner that is equally as interested in the sport as you are so you could train for them. Many people have an objective of one day being part of the speed skating groups in the Winter season Olympic Games. While not every person could be a part of that, there are lots of various other events you could easily be a part of while you continuously enhance your abilities.

If you decide to take part in speed skating you should see to it you have skates that are developed for it. You also intend to see to it you consistently wear your safety tools so that you reduce your risk of injuries. Rate skating is swiftly turning into one of one of the most prominent wintertime sports and you can anticipate to see more people joining it in the close to future.


What You Should Know About Archery

What You Should Know About Archery


Archery– The skill of firing an Arrow using a Bow was in the lost ages an army tool and also a hunting approach prior to the development of gunpowder. It is generally constrained currently as an affordable sporting activity used for target capturing.

A bow is a weapon that shoots arrowheads making use of the elasticity of the bow. The bow is made of a strip of versatile product with a cord connecting both ends of the strip to offer tension where is pushed the arrow which is a straight shaft with a sharp factor on one end or have flints as well as usually with feathers connected to the other end.

The current ‘target archery’ includes capturing arrowheads at a target from a pre-set distance. A Recurve bow is the only kind of bow permitted to be utilized. Archery competitors may be held inside or outdoors. Interior ranges are 18 m and also 25 m.

Outdoor distances vary from 30 m to 90m depending upon the ranking as well as 70 m is being used in the Olympic Games. Competition is divided right into ends where an archer fires either 3 or 6 arrows per end, relying on the type of round.

There are 20 ends of 3 arrowheads in a round for interior competition, however outside rounds normally entail a lot more arrows per round. At the end, the rivals walk up to the target to score and also retrieve their arrowheads.


The rating for each and every arrowhead depends upon where it hits on the target. The highest credit rating, a ten, is granted by shooting an arrowhead right into the two inner most circles. The bull’s-eye ring is commonly as a tiebreaker with a lot of X’s winning.

Missing out on the rings on the target causes an absolutely no credit rating and also in instance of Line breaker where an arrow simply touches a limit line will certainly be awarded the higher rating. Credit ratings are tallied at the end of each round or battery of arrows by summing the ratings for their arrowheads which are taped on a credit rating sheet.

Archers have actually an established time frame in which to fire their arrowheads. For indoor competitors is 2 mins for 3 arrowheads. Signaling gadgets such as lights as well as flags cue the archers when it’s time to shoot.

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis, Anyone?


For any sort of future athlete that plans to start a new activity, to know a little the record concerning the sporting activity is consistently a great idea.

Plays of sphere could be traced behind for hundreds as well as hundreds of years. Generally bet the amusement or during religious events, the plays of round ended up being in the whole globe strongly popular in numerous civilizations.

European monks probably created the play of tennis. The gamers promptly found that instead of striking the round in addition to walls they had a far better order utilizing their hand. A natural leather glove was created quickly, and also not to desire strongly after, an adjusted manage accomplished the first racquet. While the racquet evolved/moved, thus made the balls which were recruited. A type plus stuffed bouncier of the product of its changed the very first primitive spheres from wood quickly. The play ended up being highly popular amongst abbeys all around Europe throughout the 14th century. At the exact same time, the church considered to ban the play.

In 1874, Walter principal C Wingfield made license in London the tools and also the guidelines for play instead much like modern tennis. By same year, the initial courses appeared in the USA. By the list below year, the tools location had been sold for the usage in Russia, in India, in Canada, and in China.

The play of croquet was currently highly prominent, and also the programs soft of play of croquet showed quickly versatile for tennis. The original court of Wingfield had the form of a sand glass, narrowest with the web, as well as it was shorter compared to the modern court. Its regulations were subjected to substantial criticism, as well as it upgraded soon on the left they in 1875, yet him it later development of the play to others.

In 1877, the whole the club of England held the initial tournament of Wimbledon, and also its board of competition gave a rectangular court and also a whole of guidelines which are mostly the play that we know today. The web was always 5 feet leading on the sides, a transfer of the forefather of interior of the game, as well as the boxes of solution were 26 feet the deep ones, yet away 1882, the attributes had evolved/moved with their current form.

The development of tennis proceeded as well as the champion 1927 saw the very first emission by radio of an occasion of tennis. This increased its appeal further and also in the Thirties the play came to be strongly à.la.mode, performed by British holds the very first duty like Fred Perry and fulfilled steps and also the global champs such as Henri Lacoste. You’ll of the photos which the styles of tennis were rather different in these days! The lengthy trousers were the program for the guys, as well as for women they was long outfits and reduced.

The tendencies of mode became a development in their own line as well as the Austin bunny of the USA shocked group in 1933 when he ended up being the initial gamer to take a step outside over with the shorts of using of court of establishment! The 1930’s ended up being the time of the pole of Wimbledon as well as in 1937, the championship was discharge on the radio for the very first time. It was a substantial occasion, actually offering tennis at the globe.

Throughout the Seventies and the Eighties, the play came to be controlled by the brand-new legion of global players, as well as group ended up being astounded by the tastes of Borg, Connors, and McEnroe.

Golf: Where it All Began


Golf: Where it All Began

You’re sitting in one more uninteresting university history course. As you open your mouth up large to yawn, the trainer completes telling the class what will certainly be reviewed today:

The record of golf.
All of a sudden, you sit directly in your chair at ideal interest. Your eyes are large open, as well as your pen is poised over your paper to start keeping in mind.

Let’s begin.

Everything began with a basic stick and also a rock. Man took these 2 items and also made a decision to produce a method to captivate himself. Besides, what else existed to do for enjoyable before the 15th century that didn’t entail beheadings as well as combating wars? Although the video game of golf started by male turning a stick towards a rock in order to push it right into a certain instructions, this was the way that several current sports video games started. Practically any kind of area or nation you could find a stick and a rock, you might locate golf, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, or hockey!

As you might presume, however, when a wonderful video game such as golf was designed, EVERYONE intended to declare that it was their country’s concept. As an example, the nation of Scotland declares that it developeded the game. However, so does Italy, China, England, France, Holland, Belgium, and also nations away in Asia. Gamings that appeared like golf in other countries consisted of ‘paganica’ in Italy. This was a game that included making use of a stick as well as a rock to strike a target. In Scotland, the very same video game was described as ‘shinty.’ In the nation of Laos, it was called ‘khi’, as well as in China it was called ‘ch’ui wan’, which equates into ‘defeating a sphere’.

Several of these video games were played prior to the year 300 B.C. – so to be able to identify exactly where it started would be almost impossible! Historians themselves have only one solution in order to who invented golf: They simply do not know! Golf might be just one of those video games that was so wonderful, therefore lots of people liked to try it, that it really had no beginning. It was birthed when the Planet was born, as well as it is global in its popularity!

Something that sways common belief to approve that the contemporary video game of golf started in Scotland is that the hole wased initially made use of here. And also today, as you know, without the golf hole, there is no golf. It is believed that rabbits, that often made their residences as well as play locations along the Scottish coastline inside these openings. After a while, some people began to have fun with their sticks and also rocks, aiming to obtain the rock into the bunny hole. This started the contemporary game of golf. It ended up being so popular in Scotland, that Kind James II prohibited it on Sundays to bring focus back on another sporting activity – archery.

Over the centuries, golf has become an increasing number of prominent around the globe. Although no one knows where the video game was absolutely birthed, all of us know one point – just about every person takes pleasure in playing it!

The History of Baseball

The History of Baseball



What enters your mind when you listen to the word baseball? For those of you who have been in a real baseball event would certainly it lead you to think about a big stadium, an open area, the warmth of the sunlight, the cheer of groups, the splitting of the bat as it hits the round, or the shout of the umpire of what choice he has for the groups?

For those of you that in anyhow have actually not experienced remaining in a baseball game but have seen it through sports channels or heard it on the radio or viewed it online, you may also have the exact same assumption of the game. For those who are not into baseball however could have had the opportunity to note a game or more, it could be apparent that the spectator sees 2 interplay versus each other, there is an existence of a pitcher, a batter, an umpire or umpire as well as individuals guarding the bases. If that viewer finds out the way of racking up then he could have most likely learned the essentials of the sporting activity.

In the context of an extensive check out the sporting activity itself, just a few people, minus the devoted baseball fans as well as gamers would certainly even care to comprehend that thought of it, where it originated from and also where it is most prominent at as a sport …

Baseball, which could be categorized as a game of bat and round and also which is also often identified as hard sphere to differentiate it from a comparable game called softball (a more compact version of the game) could be mapped back to accounts of being an evolved variation of the game called rounders, which was stated to have come from Terrific Britain and Ireland dating back to as very early as the 17th century. There are comparable accounts about the existence of the game yet the pioneering complete documentation of baseball in The United States and Canada was by Dr. Adam Ford in his modern summary of the video game that took place on June 4, 1838 in Beachville, Ontario. It was on June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey that the initial game of baseball in U.S. history was officially tape-recorded with the New york city 9 beating the Knickerbockers in a 23-1 four innings video game.

Today, Baseball is recognized as the nationwide sporting activity of the USA. The sport likewise has actually dispersed its popularity, is being purchased and also played in the majority of the American areas, the Caribbean and East Asia.

Dropping the Gloves

Dropping the Gloves


If you are wondering what “dropping the gloves” mean in ice hockey, it refers to how players will “drop” their gloves on the ice before fighting, so they can give a beatdown with bare fists.

I know that ice hockey has a bad reputation for fighting, but it is much more than that.

Ice hockey is considered to be among one of the most fierce sports out there. While the number of hits that occur among the gamers have reduced throughout the years, there are still plenty of fights that remain to take place around on the ice. Many individuals will certainly inform you that is one of the reasons that they appreciate seeing it a lot. However, there is far more to the sporting activity.

For their participation in various penalties such as pushing, tripping, as well as various other type of disturbance throughout the video game gamers need to hang out in the penalty box. Typically this time duration is 2 mins for each infraction called by the referees nevertheless the amount of time can be as high as 4 mins.

The video game of ice hockey is extremely fast paced and full of action. As the gamers glide effortlessly throughout the ice in order to regulate the puck and also rating points, it gives the impression that this is a very easy sporting activity.

Nevertheless, that is rather far from the fact due to the fact that you have to develop outstanding skating abilities and you need to know the game of hockey in and out.

Appropriate safety tools must additionally be made use of for this sort of ice hockey since it is still a hazardous sporting activity. Most people that play ice hockey do not participate in the fierce actions, there are still plenty of risks. Obtaining fined a hockey stick or dropping could all be severe if you do not have the appropriate tools to secure yourself.


Get a little dirty!

motocross-3There are different motorcycle competitions like Motocross and also different trial events where variants of a large number of dirt bikes take on each other.

An intriguing fact to note is that dirt bikes have no number plates. Each year the US DMV hands out environment-friendly stickers specifically for motocross dirt bikes. Another essential reality to deal with is that dirt bikes are not permitted on city streets as they are only allowed to be ridden on off-road tracks.

Various Types of Dirt Bikes

Several of the bikes that you might see when it comes to dirt bikes are Yamaha YZ, Yamaha WR, Yamaha DT, Honda CRM, Honda CRX, Kawasaki KX, Kawasaki, KLR, and Suzuki RM, among many others, just look in any motocross magazine.

Though all these bikes have their very own distinctive features they have one point alike. They are light, strong, and have the capability to handle the roughest of tracks.

And rough it is! This isn’t taking a drive on a Sunday through the country side or sitting back watching your favorite football team score. No! This is in your face, adrenaline pumping, hard hitting fun!

The Structure of the Motorcycle

Off road dirt bikes are generally created of either a two-stroke engine or a 4-stroke engine. In a two stroke engine the mix of oil and also gas is stirred up in the cylinder, and also thus not only does the bike obtain powered up, yet the engine is additionally lubricated in one go. The four stroke dirt bike engine is like a smaller variation of the car engine where, the gas is stirred up yet the oil could additionally be utilized once more.

If you are looking for differences in between a healthy street bike as well as dirt bike then you have to look no further compared to the suspension of the dirt bike. They have a higher ground allowance and also not only this; they are much lighter too. Their tires are also different, and have deep footsteps in them, so regarding; offer them a far better amount of money of grip with, gravel, sand, dust or mud.motocross

Moreover, the engine of the dirt bikes is additionally placed at a considerably greater level as compared to normal bikes, to secure it from different obstructions like rocks and so on. Likewise, the gas container set up in the mid-section provides it a far better balance.

Option of a Dirt Bike

There is a large amount of money of difference between just what you want and what you truly require. The one considerable specification that will figure out the kind of dirt bike that you intend to purchase is dependent on your very own capability. If you are a novice it would not be a good idea for you to buy a mean machine that you have actually seen speeding its way to delight in a Motocross Race.

motocross stuntsThe purpose of your purchase is additionally a vital factor of the kind of motorcycle that you acquisition. If your objective is to enjoy simply using with your buddies and also going out on route trips then, you absolutely do not wish to get a full blown racer dirt bike. On the other hand if you intend to purchase the bike, mainly for a racing purpose after that you need to undoubtedly obtain a real motorcycle racer.

Final thoughts:

Every person is really on a spending plan. No one wishes to acquire a dirt bike that is not within their methods. Additionally, if you get on a marginal spending plan and also could not find a dirt bike to suit your objective; after that it’s best that you reduce your demands a little as well as think about a middle-weight, a little used motorcycle.

There are times when a few of the best buys, in regards to dirt bikes, could end up being several of the most underrated bikes that are available out there. Whatever the bike you acquire, it is necessary that your objective is to have some enjoyable. Do not think past having an exciting time, using your bike!


A cool fall day, hot cocoa or coffee in hand, you will find football fans scattereed across the United States.

American football was said to be created from the prevalent European diversions of soccer and rugby (futbol). Be that as it may, not care for the sport of soccer, American football uses the hands more by utilizing the passing and getting of the ball instead of what soccer concentrates on the feet’s utilization by kicking the ball and not have the capacity to utilize hands by any stretch of the imagination.

In days of the past, America’s game of decision was baseball. Be that as it may, now, American football has rapidly developed more well known than baseball, and the fan bases are developing at a mind boggling rate.

Football is viewed as a “full physical game” because of the way that it is a to a great degree physical game where the players take a considerable measure of physical misuse while playing, and in addition the physical interest that it tackle the player’s body amid week by week hones. What’s more, due to the endless full body contact with restricting players and the ground, players must wear defensive hardware and apparatus to minimize wounds. Albeit, despite the fact that these safety measures are being taken, a player will and most time take some sort of harm subsequently making wounds an exceptionally basic thing in the game and, at times, have lead to the lamentable results that have finished vocations through surgeries or restoration.

You will find that the standard American football field is 120 yards in length and 160 feet wide. There are little stamps, called hash denote, that denote each yard and each ten yards. Toward the end of each side of the field (the first and last 10 yards), you will discover what is called an “end zone”. There at last zone, there will be a tall upright manufactured of two vertical yellow posts that are joined by one level yellow shaft.

The season of a standard diversion is an hour long and is partitioned into quarters that are 15-minutes each. Once the initial two quarters are played, there is a break called “halftime,” in the diversion. This allows both groups to meet up and talk about procedures on the plays and in addition how the diversion is advancing. On the off chance that progressions should be made to specific plays, this is an awesome time for it to be finished.

The entire object of the amusement is to score a bigger number of focuses than your adversary in the assigned an hour. Whichever group scores the most focuses before the diversion’s end, is announced the champ.

The way that a group scores will be either by taking care of business the ball into their adversary’s end zone for a 6-point touchdown, or they may score by kicking the ball between the yellow uprights (depicted above) for a 3-point field objective. The group can likewise score an additional point by kicking the ball into the uprights after a touchdown is scored.

On the field, every group will have eleven players at any one time with permitting substitutions that are allowed whenever.

More often than not, the two groups meet up with the arbitrators toward the start of an amusement and a coin in hurled noticeable all around to figure out which side will begin with the ball. The group that wins the coin hurl, picks how they might want to begin.

The hostile (the group that begins with the ball under lock and key) group will begin with the ball in the first place of the amusement. The group that is on offense will have four endeavors (“downs”) to move the ball ten yards. On the off chance that the hostile group is fruitful, the group will then get another arrangement of downs to attempt and move another ten yards.

Groups might either toss the ball down the field to pick up yards to get every down or they can basically hand it off to another player to attempt to pick up yards by running down the field. A play (down) is over when the player with the ball is either handled (thumped down), comes up short on limits, or there is an inadequate pass. On the off chance that a that group is not fruitful in getting 10 yards (down) in their 4 endeavors, the contradicting group will then assume control on offense from that spot on the field. However, as a rule, if the group on the offense has utilized three of their endeavors and has not picked up the 10 yards, they will generally in all probability decide to punt the ball as far down the field as could be expected under the circumstances, so that the contradicting group begins their offense as far from their end zone as could be allowed.

Similarly as with most expert recreations, punishments are an immense piece of each football game. These punishments can incorporate things, for example, off-sides, individual fouls, deferrals of diversion, and pass obstructions. The arbitrators entirely implement the guidelines and are in charge of running a spotless diversion, controlling the clock, and guaranteeing the players’ security and additionally ensuring every one of the principles are taken after.

Punishments are a tremendous piece of this amusement on the grounds that a group that submits a punishment will lose yardage and/or downs. Having a punishment against your group could be a tremendous defining moment in the wrong bearing. To announce that a punishment has been submitted, the ref tosses a yellow punishment banner onto the field.

To figure out additional info about American Football – look at WikiPedia!

Another Round

Boxingold boxing sport

Muhammad Ali. Mike Tyson. Manny Pacquaio. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rocky Balboa. These are some of the names that no doubt come to mind when you hear someone talk about boxing.

Initially referred to as ‘pugilism’ (or ‘fist fighting’, in layman’s terms), boxing is simply a two-person sport. The objective of the sport is to throw punches (normally while wearing gloves) at one another until one person is weakened and is knocked down.

There is evidence to show that boxing dates back all the way to 4000 BC in Egypt, where it first became popular. Due to the spread of Egyptian civilization, boxing became more and more widespread, and people from the Mediterranean region and the Middle East became aware of the sport. Back then, leather straps were used to bind boxers’ hands during a match.

The very first recorded boxing match, however, was in 1681 in Britain. The Duke of Albemarle used to conduct boxing games between his butcher and butler for his amusement.

It was not until 1743 when the very first set of boxing rules were created. Jack Boughton – also known as the ‘Father of Boxing’ – established the rules of boxing after he killed his opponent in a match in 1741.

In 1865, John Sholtho Douglass, the Eighth Marquess of Queensbury, further developed the rules into the ones that we use today. He was the one who required all boxers to wear gloves, and made sure a single round did not last more than three minutes.

Ever since then, boxing gained traction and was included in the Olympic Games for the very first time in 1904.

Boxing is more than just hitting your opponent repeatedly with your fists. Before you step onto the boxing ring, you need to make sure your boxing equipment is in check. Obviously, you need a pair of padded boxing gloves, a head guard to protect your head, and a mouthpiece to keep your teeth and gums safe.

world series of boxingEach session of boxing – or a ‘round’ of boxing – can last up to three minutes. The number of rounds per game depends on the game’s type of competition, and is usually determined at the start of the game. For example, there are only three rounds in an Olympic match. Professional competitions, on the other hand, can last up to twelve rounds.

A short break is allowed in between rounds. During this break, each boxer returns to his corner of the ring that was assigned to them, where he can get some water, advice from his coach, or whatever help he needs.

A boxer is declared the winner when he manages to ‘knock out’ his opponent, and said opponent is unable to get up until the referee has finished counting aloud to ten. However, if there are no ‘knock out’s, the judges will decide the winner based on how well each boxer has performed in each round. The scores achieved by each boxer are tallied, and the highest scorer comes out the winner.

In every sport, there are always a series of rules to be followed. Here are some of the rules of boxing:

  • A boxer must always be standing on his feet to deliver a punch.
  • Punches thrown by a boxer must always land above the waistline of his opponent.
  • A boxer is allowed to only punch his opponent. No other method of hitting is allowed.
  • Only the knuckle portion of the glove is permitted to make contact with the opponent.
  • A boxer is disallowed from punching his opponent’s back, kidneys, or back of the head.
  • If a boxer is hit with an accidental low-blow (a punch below the waist), he is given five minutes to recover. If unable to recover, he will be considered knocked-out.
  • The boxer’s head must always remain above his opponent’s waistline.
  • When a referee breaks up clinching boxers (where a boxer wraps his arms around his opponent’s to create a pause), both boxers must take a full step back before delivering a punch.
  • When a boxer is knocked down, his opponent is not allowed to hit the downed boxer anymore. He must go to a neutral corner of the ring while the referee counts to ten. The referee’s ten-count gives the downed boxer an opportunity to get back up.
  • After a knocked-down boxer gets back on his feet, the referee must determine if he is fit to continue. Otherwise, his opponent wins by way of ‘knock out’ (KO).
  • A boxer that slips or falls is not considered a knock-down. However, his opponent is still not permitted to hit the boxer that’s on the floor.
  • If a boxer commits an intentional foul and does not stop the fight, the referee has the right to take points away from the boxer.
  • If a boxer is hit with an intentional foul and is unable to continue fighting, the boxer that has committed the foul will be disqualified.
  • A boxer who has committed an unintentional foul will receive a warning from the referee. But if said boxer continues committing the foul, his points will be deducted.
  • If the occurrence of an unintentional foul results in the immediate end of the fight, there can be a ‘no-contest’ ruling or a declared winner.
  • A referee has the right to stop the fight at any time to protect a boxer from serious injury. The boxer will lose by ‘technical knockout’ (TKO).

Like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a boxer is classified according to his weight and will fight in his weight class. This is typically used in professional boxing.

(Note: The lower limit of a weight class is equal to the upper weight limit of the class above it.)


Weight (lbs.) Class
102 Light minimumweight
105 Minimumweight
108 Light flyweight
112 Flyweight
115 Super flyweight
118 Bantamweight
122 Super bantamweight
126 Featherweight
130 Super featherweight
135 Lightweight
140 Super lightweight
147 Welterweight
154 Super welterweight
160 Middleweight
168 Super middleweight
175 Light heavyweight
200 Cruiserweight
unlimited Heavyweight

muhammad aliMuhammad Ali is a recognizable name in the world of boxing, and is commonly considered one of the greatest heavyweights of boxing. In his boxing career, he has won 56 times (37 KOs and 19 decisions), and lost only 5 times (4 decisions and 1 KO). He is not only an inspiration inside the ring, but outside of it, too; he fought for religious freedom, racial justice, and believed doing the right thing should always be superior to doing the convenient thing. He was given the title of ‘Sportsman of the Century’ by Sports Illustrated.

Another boxer worth mentioning is Mike Tyson. He was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. When he was 20, he won the WBC, WBF, and IBA heavyweight titles, being the youngest boxer to have ever won those titles. He had been in the ring 58 times; won 50 times (44 of them by KO), lost 6 times, and had 2 no-contests.

320px-Floyd_Mayweather,_Jr._vs._Juan_Manuel_MárquezFloyd Mayweather, Jr. is a five-division world champion. He has eleven world titles under his belt and has won the lineal championship in four different weight classes. He is undefeated as a professional and has won Ring Magazine’s Fighter of the Year award twice, the Best Fighter ESPY Award six times, and Boxing Writers Association of America’s Fighter of the Year award twice. He has fought 48 times (26 by KO) and has no losses.

Manny PacquiaoManny Pacquiao (fondly referred to as Pac-Man by his fans) is the first and only eight-division world champion. This Filipino fighter has attained ten world titles, and was the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. So far, he has been in a total of 65 fights; won 57 of them (38 by KO), lost 6 times, and had 2 draws. The Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), World Boxing Council (WBC), and World Boxing Organization (WBO) named him ‘Fighter of the Decade’ for the 2000s. In addition to that, he has also been named ‘Fighter of the Year’ by The Ring and BWAA, and has also won Best Fighter ESPY Award twice.

Boxing is considered one of the world’s oldest sports. Since the rules relatively easy to comprehend, the sport can be enjoyed by almost anyone from any age group. Seeing two boxers go at it with one another in the ring not only gives us a rush of adrenaline, but also satisfies our primal urge to fight.



Roll on


Military personel from all over Europe compete in the 2006 United States Forces Europe Mountain Bike riders prepare to race at Aviano Air Base, Italy.  Military personel travel from all over Europe to compete in these series of races.  ( U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Nathan Doza ) ( Released )
Military personel from all over Europe compete in the 2006 United States Forces Europe Mountain Bike riders prepare to race at Aviano Air Base, Italy. Military personel travel from all over Europe to compete in these series of races. ( U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Nathan Doza ) ( Released )

In 1871, during a time when physical exertion was considered crass, ‘ungentlemanly’, and best left to the hoi polloi, a German baron named Carl von Drais invented an equipment that would be used to transport a person from place to place. Initially named the ‘velocipede’, it was basically two wagon wheels connected by a wooden plank, with a simple device attached to steer the front wheel. Since there were no pedals, the velocipede enabled people to only ‘run’ from one point to another.

The velocipede evolved as time went by, but no one was able to create a design that enabled a person to move faster than his ‘running’ speed. It therefore came as a breakthrough in the 1860s, when the Michaux Company in Paris added pedals and lever arms to the evolved velocipede. Thus, the ‘modern’ bicycle was born.

From then on, bicycles went through so many changes – from the high-wheeled ‘penny farthings’ to the ones with equally-sized wheels that you see today.

The first recorded bicycle race was held on June 1868, in England. Since then, cycling races became so popular that in 1893, a world championship race was organized, and the sport was added to the Olympic Games three years later. However, it was not until four years later that the competition synonymous with cycling began.

extreme cyclingThe Tour de France was, strangely, created not to promote the sport of cycling, but to increase the sales of L’Auto newspaper. To the dismay of its rival, Le Velo, it worked. The very first Tour de France had about 60 cyclists riding approximately 1,553 miles over 19 days. Unfortunately, the race was rife with poor sportsmanship and cheating. As time passed, the route of the Tour changed. In 2010, the Tour had cyclists ride a total of 2,263 miles, passing 20 different stages and a time trial.

Lance Armstrong is certainly not an unfamiliar name when it comes to road bike races. From 1997 to 2005, he emerged as the winner of the Tour de France yearly without fail. However, he was accused of doping on more than one occasion. It was not until January 2013 that he finally came clean about his drug usage. He was immediately stripped of his championship titles.

Despite the Tour’s known controversies, it still remains the most recognized cycling competition. In 1951, there was a Tour of Britain, and it was not long until other Tours followed.

Of course, the Tour is just the tip of the iceberg. While the Tour falls under road bike racing, there are several other types of bicycle races, such as cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, track cycling, BMX, and cycle speedway.

Cyclo-cross involves cyclists racing multiple laps in a closed circuit, such as an open land or a park. All the riders start together, and they have to traverse paved and off-road terrain. Sometimes, competitors even have to get off their bikes to overcome obstacles and barriers such as hills or stairs.  These races are typically held during September to February, which means the cyclists have to ride through unfavorable weather conditions; however, this is one of the ways that makes cyclo-cross unique.

The current men’s world champion for cyclo-cross is Dutch cyclist Mathieu van der Poel. At 20 years of age, he did not just win the 2015 Cyclo-Cross World Championships, but also the Junior Road Race World Championships, and the Junior Cyclo-Cross World Championships twice. He is the first person to have scored that many championships.

Also known as MTB or ATB racing, mountain bike racing involves cyclists to ride an off-road terrain. It is further categorized into cross-country, short track cross-country, ultra-endurance racing, downhill, dual slalom, four-cross, super D, enduro, and observed trials. Notable MTB racing events include the cross-country event at the Summer Olympics, the World Championships and the World Cup organized by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale).

While the other cycling competitions need the riders to travel through the outdoors, track cycling requires its participants to ride around a velodrome. Since it is held indoors, spectators are able to watch the entire race from start to finish. Track cycling is divided into two main events: the Main Sprint Events and the Main Endurance Events. The Main Sprint Events consist of sprint, team sprint, keirin, and track time trial, while the Main Endurance Events include individual pursuit, team pursuit, scratch race, points race, Madison, omnium, handicap, and miss and out.

A well-known track cyclist is Victoria Pendleton. She has nine world titles under her belt, and once represented England and Great Britain in international competition. She used to be an Olympic, European, and Commonwealth champion. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she attained a gold medal in keirin, and a silver medal in the sprint.

Another known form of competitive cycling is BMX, or bicycle motocross. Like most other cycling races, cyclists must ride through an off-road, single-lap race track purposely built for the event. Up to 8 cyclists can participate, and the route they have to take are made up of a number of jumps and rollers before they reach the finish line.bmx stunts

BMX became part of the Summer Olympics in 2008. Maris Strombergs from Latvia scored a gold medal in the men’s event, while Anne-Caroline Chausson made France proud in her winning the gold in the women’s event.

Cycle speedway entails cyclists to ride around a short, oval dirt track, which range from 70 to 90 meters long. There are ordinarily four riders on brake-less bikes, going head-to-head with one another.

In order to participate in competitive cycling, you, of course, need to own a bicycle. However, different types of cycling events call for different types of bicycles.

For road cycling competitions such as the Tour, road bikes are typically used. The quality of a road bike is judged based on its weight and stiffness. These two factors determine how efficient the transfer of energy is from the cyclist’s pedal strokes to the wheels of the bike. The handlebars are mostly placed lower than the saddle, forcing cyclists to bend over into a more aerodynamic position, thus enabling them to move faster against the wind.

Cyclo-cross bikes are quite similar to road bikes. The main distinctions lie in the shape of the bike’s frame, and the size of the tires. The tires are bigger to accommodate for the change of terrain during cyclo-cross racing.

When it comes to MTB racing, special bikes known as mountain bikes are utilized. These bikes are designed specifically for rough terrains. Unlike a regular bike, the mountain bike has suspensions on its frame and fork, bigger knobby tires, sturdier wheels, stronger brakes, and lower gear ratios to enable the cyclist to ride through slippery slopes.

Track bicycles are built to race in a velodrome. Therefore, they have only one gear and do not possess freewheels or brakes. The tires are slim and are filled with high air pressure in order to minimize the friction on the surface of the velodrome.

BMX bikes are pretty similar to mountain bikes. A BMX bike can be easily identified by its typical 20-inch knobby tires, durable yet lightweight frame, and having a single gear. Due to its one and only gear, BMX cyclists can pedal in several directions. Hence, cyclists are able to perform stunts, tricks, and jumps with ease.

Like BMX bikes and track bikes, cycle speedway bikes are generally lightweight with a single gear. As I’ve mentioned before, a cycle speedway bike also has no brakes, but it does come with a free wheel.

You don’t really require special attire in order to enjoy cycling as a sport, but if you plan to spend hours on the bike for an extended period of time, you do need to don some cycling apparel.

Commonly, cyclists use skintight spandex shorts with padding in them. They may look strange, but they do offer comfort and function for the cyclist. The padding helps to minimize injury in the crotch area from sitting on a hard saddle for a prolonged period. The tight spandex allow cyclists to pedal with a full range of motion and helps reduce wind resistance.


Bike jerseys are not without their disadvantages too. They are usually created with form-fitting, sweat-wicking fabrics that enables cyclists to ride with comfort.

Of course, you cannot call yourself a cyclist unless you have a pair of cycling shoes. These shoes have cleats on them that fit onto the pedals, so you won’t have to worry about your feet sliding off the pedal while you’re cycling. They also have stiff soles to help the cyclists generate more power over the pedal.

Whether you cycle for fun or for sport, it is quite clear that riding a bike is something that anyone can do anywhere, at any time. As a fan of cycling myself, I can tell you that there is nothing quite as good as feeling the freedom of the wind on your face, and the adrenaline rush as you go handlebar to handlebar with your rival. The sore legs you experience the next day is all worth it.